The Warning Signs of an Unsafe Workplace

When you start a new job, you might have many questions in your first few days. How do I start a conversation with my cool new coworker? Where is the coffee maker? How can I make a great first impression with my boss? However, there is one more important question you should ask yourself when starting a new job, and it’s one you may be overlooking. Are there any warning signs that my new workplace is unsafe?

If your workplace is unsafe, it could result in a serious injury, missed time from work, high medical bills, and complex Workers’ Compensation disputes. While accidents can happen anywhere, here are four warning signs of an unsafe workplace that you should always look out for when considering a new job.

Warning Sign #1: Lack of Employee Screening

Your fellow workers are very important, especially in jobs that involved high-risks or heavy equipment, such as construction. Even if your overall environment is safe, reckless, negligent, or downright violent coworkers can present a danger to you and others. One way employers can avoid dangerous employees is by carefully screening all applicants and potential employees, and checking their references to make sure they are experienced, responsible, and credible. If an employer does not do adequate employee screening, it may be a warning sign of a dangerous workplace.

Warning Sign #2: Poor Communication

When an employer has inadequate communication with their employees, it can lead to workplace injuries. For example, if an employer is not clear about what kind of safety equipment must be used during certain tasks, it could lead to a serious accident or injury. Similarly, employers should also clearly communicate their policies on things like Workers’ Compensation, workplace harassment, and any other important office protocol. Adequate communication ensures that everyone stays safe and informed, while a breakdown in communication could lead to accidents or mistakes.

Warning Sign #3: Lack of Rules or Safety Procedures

While it may seem like a dream to have an employer who doesn’t enforce the rules, it can cause big issues when it comes to workplace safety and Workers’ Compensation. If an employer does not have clear rules about safety procedures, it may be a sign of an unsafe workplace. Employers should display clear, accessible signs or warnings, especially when it comes to dangerous equipment or conditions, and should have a handbook that goes over all safety procedures. They should also take the necessary steps to make sure all employees are informed about all the procedures in place to keep everyone safe.

Warning Sign #4: Frequent Injuries or Illnesses

Finally, you should also look out for changes to your health when you start a new job. If you experience changes, like an increase in allergies or a shortness of breath when working, it may be a sign that something is unsafe in your workplace environment. Similarly, if you notice that coworkers are frequently ill or injured, it could also mean that your employer is not doing enough to keep you and your fellow workers safe.

What to do About an Unsafe Workplace

Whether you’re just starting out or a long-term employee who is experiencing concerns, warnings signs like there might be a sign to start looking for a new job. If you are injured or become ill due to an unsafe workplace environment, you should also talk to an experienced Workers’ Compensation to learn more about your rights.


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