World Mental Health Day

  • October 10, 2016

Today is World Mental Health Day Have you ever wondered why a worried friend can’t just calm down or why someone who is sad can’t just be more positive? If you don’t live with a mental health disorder, it can be hard to understand why some people do...

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Herniated Disc Facts

  • October 20, 2016

As the Mayo Clinic puts it, a spinal disc is like a jelly donut. Spinal disc have a softer center and a tougher exterior, and when the disc slips or ruptures, some of that soft “jelly” slips out. It’s a fun analogy, but a herniated disc can actually...

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Slip and Fall!

  • February 13, 2017

From unstable ladders to wet bathroom floors, slip and fall hazards are everywhere! For some, falls might not seem that horrible — falling at a restaurant or store is embarrassing, sure, but how bad can a fall really be? However, slip and falls can caus...

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