Clearwater Uninsured Motorist Attorney

1 in 8 drivers in the United States do not have insurance. In Florida, the numbers are even worse – 19% of drivers do not have liability coverage. In the event of an accident, this can be a complex issue.

After an accident, you may experience

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • The loss of a loved one

When you experience these things, you expect to receive compensation. Generally, the at-fault driver pays from their coverage. However, an uninsured driver cannot provide coverage. A driver may be uninsured if they:

  • Do not have insurance
  • Did not meet state-mandated minimum liability requirements
  • Were denied coverage
  • Qualified for coverage, but were not able to pay for it

A hit-and-run accident is also considered under uninsured motorist claims. Since the driver flees the scene, their insurance information is not available.

In Florida, drivers are not required to have any bodily injury liability coverage. If an uninsured driver causes an injury or death, this can be a big challenge for the victim or victim’s family. This is also why uninsured motorist coverage is so critical. This coverage comes from your own policy, plus the coverage on the vehicle that the victims were riding in at the time of the collision. When another driver cannot afford to pay coverage, uninsured motorist coverage helps you get the compensation you deserve.

If the other driver has some insurance, but not enough to cover you, you can also seek underinsured motorist coverage.

What To Do

After an injury, you deserve compensation! An uninsured or underinsured motorist should not prevent you for earning compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain. An experienced uninsured motorist attorney understands the nuances of uninsured motorist coverage, and can help see you through the complicated world of insurance and compensation.


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