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A traumatic brain injury, often abbreviated to TBI, is a form of brain injury that occurs when sudden trauma causes damage to the brain. In the United States, motor vehicle accidents account for 20% of all TBIs. Other causes include

  • Falls
  • Physical assault
  • Sports injuries, including concussions
  • Head and facial trauma

A TBI can have serious consequences. In 2010, TBIs lead to 50,000 deaths and 280,000 hospital visits. Men and those older than 65 are more likely to die from a TBI. A TBI can also increase the risk of other medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. It also contributes to depression, aggression, and personality changes. A TBI can also have a lifelong effect on

  • thinking
  • sensation
  • language
  • balance
  • communication
  • memory


There is little that can be done to reverse the initial brain damage. However, after an injury, immediate medical attention is needed for stabilization and prevention of further damage. When attending to someone with a TBI, the main concerns are making sure enough oxygen is getting to the brain, and maintaining blood flow and blood pressure. X-rays or CT scans check the severity of the injury and look for any spinal instability or fractures.

Following the initial treatment, a person with a TBI might need to see a physical therapist or an occupational therapist, or attend speech therapy, depending on the severity of their TBI.

After a TBI, the medical needs can be very expense. When combined with lost wages and daily pain or hardships, this makes life after a head injury very challenging. However, an alliance with an experienced brain injury attorney attorney eases some of the stress.

traumatic brain injury

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