fatal car crashEarlier this year, General Motors initiated one of the largest recalls in automotive history. The reason for the recall was a defective ignition switch, which was capable of disabling airbags and other vital features. Upon learning of the defect, General Motors (GM) recalled approximately 2.6 million of their cars.

However, GM knew of the auto defect years before issuing a recall or notifying consumers.

So far, GM admits 27 deaths caused by defective ignition switches

Finally, GM acknowledged the 13 known deaths linked to the faulty ignition switch. They put in place a program to compensate the victims of the defect. In the first month and a half of the compensation program, 675 injury or death claims were filed. However, only 25 of the claims were deemed eligible, despite the rising number of deaths and injuries in connection with the defect.

GM plans to spend around $400 million to compensate its victim. While the amount of compensation per victim does not have a cap, those who filed death claims may receive at least $1 million.

A lawyer can help you recover compensation for harm caused by a defective product

When a product causes a serious injury or death, the product manufacturer has a duty to pay fair compensation. While GM’s compensation program will streamline the process of paying eligible victims, its determinations of eligibility are not ultimately dispositive of a victim’s rights. Victims may still choose to go through the court system to seek compensation.

If a product causes harm or death, you have a right to compensation. Talk to a personal injury attorney to learn about potential legal remedies.