attorney noyesIn the legal field, attorneys often rely on referrals from each other. In order to best help a client, a personal injury attorney may refer them to a bankruptcy attorney they know. A good attorney cares about their clients, and wants them to get great representation, even when it falls outside their scope of practice. Due to this camaraderie and mutual respect among lawyers, a good way to find an excellent attorney is to ask another attorney.

Attorneys across Florida did just that when they selected their Legal Elite winners. They name fellow attorneys who they hold in high regard, or who they would recommend to others. Then a panel of previous Florida Legal Elite winners determines the newest honorees.

When an attorney becomes a Legal Elite, it shows their experience, honesty, and other valuable characteristics. Mostly recently, Attorney Matthew Noyes won Legal Elite honor in the area of Civil Trial.

Congratulations, Attorney Noyes!

Attorney Noyes says the award is an honor. He enjoys fighting hard for his clients “without losing the respect” of the legal community.

Attorney Noyes is a named partner with the Clearwater personal injury law firm Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. Serving their area since 1955, the firm handles all areas of personal injury law, including car and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall cases, and general negligence. In addition, Attorney Noyes specialized in workers’ compensation cases and Social Security Disability benefits claims.