Child’s Death Shows Drinking and Driving is Not Victimless

ruskin fatal car accidentA few drinks won’t make a difference . . .

I’m fine to drive . . .

I’m a good driver, so nothing bad can happen to me . . .

Have you ever had these thoughts before getting into your car? You’re not alone — a 2012 study from the CDC shows that 4.2 million Americans admit to drinking and driving. People drink and drive because they feel invincible, or have driven drunk before and not faced any consequences. When drunk driving hasn’t affected you, it’s easy to think that it’s a victimless crime.

But it isn’t.

Last night, multiple children were seriously injured in a car accident in Ruskin. The driver, who was allegedly drunk, pulled recklessly into the path of another vehicle, causing the other car to flip over. Inside the car were an infant and children ages one, three, four, and ten, along with two adults. The drunk driver of the other vehicle also had his own two children, ages five and nine, in the vehicle with him at the time of the accident. The injured children were transported to the hospital, but the three-year-old died of his injuries.

Can you even imagine causing this kind of pain? When the drunk driver got behind the wheel, he likely didn’t have the intention of causing a fatal car accident. However, when someone makes the choice to drink and drive, they are potentially making a choice that could harm others. To save lives, it’s best to not drink and drive at all.

The drunk driver faces manslaughter charges, with two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury, four counts of DUI with property damage, and one count of DUI. We hope that the other victims quickly recover from their injuries, and wish the young victim’s family the best during this incredibly difficult time.


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