Recall Roundup: February 2018

February might have been a short month, but with Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, and the Winter Olympics, there was plenty to keep us occupied. But even with all these exciting events, some defective products still managed to sneak into our stores and homes. Do you own any dangerous products that were recalled in February 2018? With our latest Recall Roundup blog, you can find out!

Pet Problems

While you probably put a lot of thought into meals for your family, how often do you think about what you’re feeding your pet? A slew of pet-related recalls this past month are an important reminder that pets can fall prey to dangerous and defective products too. Three of the recalls—of products by Redbarn Pet Products, Smokehouse Pet Products, and Raw for Paws—were due to salmonella concerns. Salmonella is a common bacterium that can affect a variety of animals, including both humans and dogs. In pets, salmonella can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of appetite, and can lead to serious complications from dehydration.

An additional dog food recall was issued by J.M. Smuckers for several of their products over traces of pentobarbital. Pentobarbital is a type of barbiturate that is commonly used in euthanasia procedures for animals. While the company says that the traces are unlikely to cause death in pets, the products were still recalled.

Household Fire Hazards

Another trend in February of 2018 was home goods that pose fire or burn hazards. Many household goods, from electric curlers to coffee mugs, can lead to a burn or fire hazard if they have a defect, like a brittle cord or an easily-cracked surface. This month, some recalled products with burn and fire hazards include:

What to do During a Recall

To learn about other February 2018 recalls, check out these lists from the Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Affairs. The best way to avoid an injury from a defective product is to stay informed—but if you do have a bad encounter with a defective product, you can visit our recall blog to learn about the next steps.


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