Rain Driving Safety

Rain Driving Safety Preparation and Tips

As many of us are well aware Florida is in the midst of hurricane season, which may not necessarily mean that a hurricane will hit us, but we may be may be experiencing a high volume of rain. When we have a high amount of rain it is important to be prepared when driving. Driving in the rain requires increased vigilance, not just for yourself but the others around you. It is also important to keep your vehicle in a good state of repair. Some common vehicle maintenance issues that could make your vehicle safer in the rain include the following:

Windshield wipers: visibility is very important and some vehicles have windshield wipers on the front windshield and the back window. It is imperative to keep all of your windshield wipers in good condition and inspect them regularly. Many automotive parts stores will inspect replace and repair your windshield wipers for free, all you have to do is pay for the part.

Tires: having good quality tires on your vehicle is very important for keeping traction around curves and for breaking. Make sure that your tires are suitable for the rain, tires that aren’t fit for the rain may make your vehicle more dangerous.

Brakes: having your vehicle inspected and your brakes changed regularly will provide you with the stopping power you need an emergency situations it is vital to have a licensed mechanic inspect your brake pads to gauge how much life you have left on your brakes.  Every time you get an oil change, be sure to ask your mechanic to inspect your brakes.

Lights: Lights help you see others and others see you, when the rain comes down hard visibility decreases, and sometimes the only thing the people behind you see are your brake lights. Without your brakes lights, others may not see you stopping and could crash into you.

If you have any questions you should follow up with a certified mechanic to make sure your vehicle is in good condition or if you’ve been in an accident. USALAW.com’s Michael Perenich is a Personal Injury Lawyer. If you’ve been involved in an car accident with a careless driver in poor weather conditions, contact us today to see how we can help you!

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