Be Aware Of Limo Accidents This Prom Season

Do you remember your high school prom? You probably recall a magical night full of flowing dresses and sophisticated tuxes, fun music, and of course, lots of dancing with your date or friends! For high school students today, prom is still an exciting rite-of-passage. For many students, one of the best parts of prom is showing up to the dance in an elegant limousine.

A limousine is a large and spacious vehicle. A limousine is driven by a chauffeur with a partition that separates the driver from the passengers. Limousines take many forms, including buses for larger parties, but are usually very long. Limousines, often called limos, are used for a variety of occasions, not just prom. People use limos for weddings, parties, or even just fancy date nights! If an event is going to involve drinking, limos are a sophisticated (and much more expensive) alternative to a taxi.

Limo Accidents

Like all other vehicles on the road, limos can be in accidents. Last year, four women were killed when their limo driver made a negligent maneuver. Comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a limo van accident in 2014.

Like riding in a taxi or Uber, riding in a limo can be dangerous because the passengers are relying on the driver to get them safely to and from their destination. If a limo driver is intoxicated, tired, or distracted, their negligent or simply careless behavior may cause an accident, which endangers everyone in the vehicle. Additionally, limo drivers sometimes speed to quickly get to their destination, which is very dangerous.

Limo Liability

However, accidents are not always the driver’s fault. Others on the road can also be reckless, causing a collision. In many cases, limo passengers do not wear seat-belts, and move about the vehicle while it is moving. In the event of a crash,occupants may be thrown around in the vehicle. This can lead to serious brain injuries or other traumas.

When someone hires a limo, they expect a reasonable standard of care. This means that the driver will be attentive and cautious. It also means that the vehicle is properly maintained and inspected, as vehicle defects may also lead to accidents. If this duty is breached, the injured passengers may sue the driver or the limo company.

As your kids get ready for prom night, or if you’re planning an extravagant outing of your own, remember that limo accidents do occur, often with serious results. As Tracy Morgan’s near-fatal limo accidents shows us, being fancy or even famous does not make you immune to injuries!


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