Drunk Driver Killed Hillsborough County Deputy

It turns out that it was a drunk driver who killed Deputy John Robert Kotfila, Jr. last weekend on the Selmon Expressway.

According to TBO.com, results from the toxicology test released today showed a blood-alcohol level of .27 in the driver driving the wrong way on the Selmon Expressway.  This is more than three times the level at which a driver is considered legally impaired.

In Florida and most other states, .08 is the level at which a motorist is considered too drunk to drive.  Apparently, the alcohol in the driver’s system caused the driver to either ignore or not see the warning signs – which included a large “Do Not Enter” sign overhead and “Wrong Way” signs along the shoulder of the pavement to get onto the expressway.

This is just another reminder of what a drunk driver can do to a family and community.  In our personal injury practice, we see how a drunk driver can severely injure others and even kill innocent drivers on the road. Under Florida law, punitive damages can be assessed against the drunk driver, but that doesn’t take the pain away or bring a loved one back after being killed in a drunk driving car accident.

Let this accident serve as a wake up call to Tampa Bay.  Simply put, don’t drink and drive!


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