Drunk Driver Causes Another Tampa Bay Car Accident

Drinking and driving caused yet another car accident this weekend in Tampa Bay.  According to the Tampa Bay Times, a drunk driver caused a three­ vehicle traffic crash early Sunday morning when he drove on the wrong side of Hillsborough Avenue.

The drunk driver was traveling west in the eastbound lane of Hillsborough Avenue, west of Orient Road, at about 3:30 a.m. when he hit an oncoming Nissan Murano and then was involved on another head-on collision.  The drunk driver was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence and ticketed for traveling the wrong direction. He was transported to the Orient Road Jail, where he refused a breath test, according to the report.

Do You Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

The attorneys at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes sue drunk drivers after they injure our clients. Unfortunately, many drunk drivers are not responsible enough to carry adequate bodily injury insurance coverage for the injuries they cause in car accidents. That is why it is so important to carry uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy.  If you or a loved one is injured by an uninsured or underinsured drunk driver, your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage would protect you.  Check your insurance policy now – before a car accident with a driver that could be intoxicated. .


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