Don’t Text and Drive Laws

We all know how tantalizing our cell phones can be— from texts to Twitter notifications, they offer thousands of options and distractions right in our hands, purses, and pockets. However, as helpful and entertaining as our cell phones may be, they can be extremely dangerous, particularly when texting gets in the way of driving. If a driver is using their phone will driving, they are likely to be easily distracted, and may have trouble staying in their own lane, or not notice pedestrians, road signs, or other important surroundings. Other distractions, like noise in the car, putting on makeup, or reaching for a CD, can also lead to accidents that arise from a lack of attention, but texting and driving seems to be the main source of distracted driving accidents.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, at least 3,238 people were killed in distracted driving collisions in 2011; many of these likely involved a texting driver, who was paying more attention to their cell phone than to their surroundings. With the ever-continuing advances in technology, the dangers of texting and driving will likely increase, as cell phones will find new ways to entertain and distract us.

It is extremely important that we all play a part in communications to others the dangers of texting and driving. Here are some tips to remember that will allow you to make an impact on putting an end to texting and driving.

  1. When you are driving, keep your phone out of your reach so that you will not be tempted to check it
  2.  Put your phone on silent mode so that you do not hear any texts coming in
  3.  If a text is so important than you need to respond right away, pull over to the side of the road, where you can safely respond without endangering yourself and others.
  4. If you are texting before you get in the car to drive, let that person you are texting know that you are getting in the car, so that they will know not to text or call you until you reach your destination.

Simply put, do not text and drive! When you drive distracted, you not only endanger yourself, but also other drivers on the road!


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