Child Killed in Zephyrhills Train Collision

Yesterday, a two-year-old child in Zephyrhills was killed after being hit by a train. While the circumstances aren’t quite clear, this is clearly a tragedy for the child’s family and community.

The child and his four-year-old sister were accompanied by an adult babysitter and an adult male. It’s unknown why they were on the train tracks. Locals say that venturing onto the tracks is a common activity around the Zephyrhills area. Despite “no trespassing” signs, people are not deterred.

A Dangerous Area

The area where the boy was hit is on a curved area of the track. This is potentially why they did not see the train approaching until it was too late. The adult male was able to pick up the girl and jump off the tracks to safety. The babysitter, who was holding the two-year-old, did not have time to jump. The child suffered serious injuries, and died at the hospital. The babysitter was also hit by the train. After being airlifted to a local hospital, she remains in stable condition. The train was traveling around 60 miles an hour and had 133 cars attached to it. Therefore, it took about a mile and a half to stop. Since trains are so large, it’s not uncommon for a train to be unable to immediately stop following a collision.

Who Is At Fault?

According to the Pasco Country sheriff, plus many residents of the area, this accident was totally preventable. If the babysitter had obeyed the signs and not taken the children onto the train tracks, this accident would have not happened.  It’s possible that charges may be filed against the adult babysitter, or the man who was with her. Since the train was traveling at an appropriate speed, the driver will probably not be considered at-fault.

The residents of Zephyrhills are using this horrible tragedy as a teaching moment. It serves as a warning for others to stay away from the tracks, and to stay constantly alert when near train tracks. Since they have seen the suffering of this young boy’s family and loved ones, hopefully others will learn to be safer around trains in the future.


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