Working While Disabled

Working While Disabled

A question I am often asked when it comes to Social Security Disability (SSD) is: “Can I work?” The answer to that question is not as straightforward as it may seem. Technically, yes you can work while on SSD; however, it comes with limits, and it is not looked at favorably by the Social Security Administration when applying for benefits or appealing a denial.


The bottom line is this, you cannot be working to a point that is considered to be “substantial gainful activity” (SGA). What SGA boils down to is this: you cannot work over a certain limit, and the limit changes from year to year. This year, you cannot bring in an income of more than $1,090.00 per month from working, next year it will go up to $1,130. If you currently make more than $1,090.00 a month, then in the eyes of the Social Security Administration, you must not be disabled (although, that is usually not true, that is how SSA will evaluate your claim)! If you are self-employed, the test for what is considered to be SGA is a little trickier and you should consult an attorney if you are considering applying for disability.

Make sure you can prove your disability

One thing that is very important to remember for anyone planning to apply for SSD and are thinking about leaving their job, keep in mind— You Need Proof! You cannot stop working only because you feel that you are no longer able to work.You have to be able to prove to the Social Security Administration that your condition became so bad to the point where you had to stop working; the best way to do that is with medical records and doctor recommendations.


If you, a family member, or a friend have applied for disability benefits and have been denied, ALWAYS speak with a workers compensation & disability attorney in the Tampa area about your legal rights! The personal injury attorneys at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes have been caring for clients in the Tampa Bay area for over 60 years.

If you have questions about working while disabled, click here for a free case consultation or contact us today!

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