Venus Williams Faces Wrongful Death Charges After Accident

No matter what sports you enjoy, it’s always a treat to see your favorite player show up on the screen. As you watch them make an amazing catch, sprint across the court, or make a last-minute goal, you’ll always be in awe of their skills. Sometimes, your favorite athletes might even seem superhuman! We hold our athletes to a very high standard, because they are supposed to embody strength, sportsmanship, and passion. This is why, when our favorite athletes are involved in scandals or accidents, it is tough to watch.

Tennis star Venus Williams is the latest with some tragic news. She has won seven Grand Slam titles and four Olympic medals, and along with her sister Serena, is considered one of the best players in modern tennis. However, she was recently found liable for a Florida car accident that left one person dead.

Venus Williams Involved in Fatal Crash

The accident occurred shortly after Williams left her house in Palm Beach Gardens. According to her attorney, Williams turned on a green light and entered an intersection, but the light turned red as she was moving through. Additionally, traffic prevented her from making it all the way through the intersection. Another vehicle traveling toward the intersection was unable to stop in time, and collided with Williams’ vehicle in the intersection. One passenger, a 78-year-old man, sustained serious head trauma, and died two weeks after the accident.

According to the accident report, drugs or alcohol did not play a role. Additionally, Williams was not texting or otherwise distracted. Speeding wasn’t even a factor — according to the reports, her vehicle entered the intersection at the low speed of 5 miles per hour. Due to these details, it’s unlikely that Williams will face any criminal charges. However, the family of the deceased man is suing her for his wrongful death. By getting in the way of the other vehicle, Williams was being negligent, even if it was unintentional.

No One is Immune

This fatal accident shows that even without the influence of drugs or distraction, accidents can still easily occur. That is why it’s important to always be aware, both of our own actions and the actions of others. Even incredible athletes like Venus Williams aren’t immune to mistakes, and choices, and consequences, which is why everyone should think carefully about their actions on the road.


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