Do You Agree With Utah’s New DUI Law?

Even one drink can make a driver a danger on the roads, and a new law in Utah is trying to do something about it. The bill, passed by Governor Bill Herbert, lowers the maximum blood alcohol content (BAC) level down to .05 percent, a much stricter threshold than the .08 that is maintained across most of the country. The bill gives Utah the strictest drunk driving laws in the country, and it hasn’t been without complaint and controversy.

Utah’s New Law

The beverage and tourism industries in Utah are the main opponents on the bill. While these industries don’t promote drunk driving per se, it may hurt them if people turn away from drinking or partying out of fear of a DUI. They argue that a 120 pound woman obtains a BAC of .05 just after one drink. They believe this might not be enough to cause her to become a dangerous menace on the roads. Additionally, they argue that a driver with a .05 BAC is no more dangerous than a driver talking on a hands-free headset, something that is still legal in Utah.

A Smart Idea?

There are plenty of supporters, too, though. Public health officials, including the National Transportation Safety Board, have praised Utah’s decision. In fact, the National Transportation Board wants to see more states follow Utah’s lead in lowering the legal threshold. And of course, victims of drunk driving accidents are likely to support the new bill, too. They know the dangers of drunk drivers on the roads, and want to ensure that no one else is harmed or killed by one person’s reckless choices.

The governor admits that there are still some changes that could be implemented. But first, he wants to first see how the new restrictions go. It will be interesting to see how this law is enforced, and how it affects DUI accidents in Utah.

What would you think? Is .05 too harsh or just right?


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