Unethical Law Practice

By now everyone has heard about what Stephen Diaco, Robert Adams and Adam Filthaut did during the trial of Todd “MJ” Schnitt in a case against Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. Some attorneys advertise that they are “aggressive,” or that they have been able to achieve great results, which is OK but all attorneys are obligated to perform their jobs and ethical manner.   If you speak to an attorney that tells you that they are willing to do underhanded things in order to effectuate a result for you, I would immediately be suspicious. If the attorney is willing to sacrifice their license for your case, imagine what they might do to you.
The attorneys, Stephen Diaco, Robert Adams and Adam Filthaut, could be permanently disbarred as result of their alleged unscrupulous DUI set up. Sacrificing one’s license to practice law should not be taken lightly. Even if these attorneys attempt to become barred in a different state, that state will ask if they have been disbarred and any other states, and will most likely chose not to grant them entrance to their state bar.

The more troubling part of this trial is that it undermines the credibility that the legal profession seeks to establish. The public doesn’t have a positive perception of attorneys, and I would argue that all attorneys are obligated to do their best to change that perception. Treating your client’s right, and even treating opposing counsel and his or her client right is the bare minimum of what all attorneys should do. I would go on to argue that the rules of professional conduct are the minimum standards, and all attorneys should operate at standards well above those.  It seems that part of the problem is some attorneys become greedy and they are willing to do underhanded things to make more money. Not too long ago the Florida bar sanctioned Winters and Yonker, a local law firm, for taking client lists from their previous employer.
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