Motorcyclist Dies In Clearwater Crash

According to the Tampa Bay News an auto accident involving a motorcyclist died Thursday morning. Gary Franklin Kitchen, 55 of Clearwater, lost control and crashed after passing a tractor trailer, the Clearwater Police Department said.

Gary Kitchen died at the site of the 9:45 a.m. auto accident at Sunset Point Road and Stetson Drive, police said. Kitchen and the tractor-trailer driver, Boswell Samuels England, 51, of Tamarac, were heading west on Sunset Point, police said.

England, who was ahead of Kitchen, made a wide right turn into a Publix parking lot. Due to the length of the tractor trailer, England was in the middle lane when he turned right, police said.

As the tractor trailer began to make the turn, Kitchen, who was in the curb lane driving a 2002 Harley Davidson, sped up to pass the tractor trailer, police said.

Kitchen then pulled into the middle lane to avoid the tractor trailer, but he lost control of his motorcycleand was ejected, police said.

According to a report from the US Department of Transportation a car driving below 40mph should leave at least one second for every 10 feet of vehicle length. For a typical tractor trailer, this results in 4 seconds between you and the leading vehicle. For speeds over 40 mph, you should leave one additional second.

This is a reminder for all drivers to make sure they signal their turns and maintain a safe following distance.

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