Florida Drivers Could Soon Get a Ticket For Driving too Slowly

According to a report by Bay News 9 Florida may start ticketing drivers for driving too slow.

Senator Mike Bennett from Bradenton recently introduced a bill to fine drivers for going too slow in the left lane.

Statistics show that slower drivers who impede the flow of traffic also increase the incidents of road rage.  “When people start weaving in and out of traffic and are driving 75 to 80 miles-per-hour, bad auto accidents happen” said Mr. Bennett.

We have all been behind someone in the fast lane who is driving right at the speed limit or just under. It is very frustrating and most people loose their patients. When people loose their patients they also loose their judgment and auto accidents can occur.

This bill is only for those drivers who are driving under the speed limit. The ticket cost would be $143.00 and would go into effect July 1st, 2011.

Senator Bennett said the bill isn’t meant to encourage drivers to go fast. If drivers do that, they’ll still get a ticket. He said it’s designed to make drivers more respectful of one another on the roads and improve the flow of traffic.

A good driver is a courteous driver especially in heavy traffic. If you every find yourself injured in an auto accident call Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes. As Always if there is no recovery, there is NO FEE OR COST!  Call us today for a FREE consultation.

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