Physical Therapy After An Accident

As attorneys, we know all about the legal struggles after an accident. You need to find an excellent attorney, gather evidence and credible witnesses, file paperwork, meet with a mediator, go to trial . . . to find compensation and justice, there is a lot that needs to be done! But after an accident, legal issues are often foreshadowed by something more severe and immediate: pain. Seeking justice and rightful compensation is important, but remedying your injuries should come first!

After an accident, it’s important that you immediately see a doctor. Even if there are no visible serious injuries, a doctor can identify an issue that is likely to manifest later. Serious injuries, like head trauma or broken bones, need immediate treatment, but other injuries, like whiplash or back injuries, often require long-term treatment. This is where therapy after an accident comes into play.

Treatment for accident injuries often falls under the umbrella of physical therapy. It focuses on improving mobility and managing pain without surgery or the need for continuous medication. Depending on the injuries, the necessary type  may vary.

Types of Therapy

  1. Neurological. When someone suffers a brain or spinal injury, neurological therapy might be necessary. Neurological therapists focus on issues like balance, flexibility, strength, and general movement.
  2. Orthopedic. This type of therapy focuses on bones and muscles. Therefore, it’s ideal for people who suffer from sprains and strains, torn ligaments, rotator cuff injuries, and tendon inflammation. A torn ACL in the knee, for example, would likely require orthopedic therapy.
  3. Cardiovascular. Since this type of therapy focuses on the heart and lungs, it often works for people with cardiovascular diseases. However, accidents victim who suffer lung damage from a broken rib, for example, may find benefits in cardiovascular therapy.
  4. Massage. While some people get massages just for the relaxation, they can be very helpful to accident victims. People with soft tissues or muscles injuries benefit from massage therapy.


All these types of therapy can help improve mobility, fix lingering pain, and vastly improve a patient’s quality of life. It can make everyday life easier, and allows accident victims to move on with their jobs, hobbies, and lives without pain getting in the way.

If you receive therapy after an injury, the other party is sometimes required to compensate you for the cost. This is why it’s incredibly important to get a referral from your doctor, which will show that physical therapy is necessary to your well-being. You should also be sure to attend all scheduled sessions. If you don’t go, the defendant can argue that you don’t really need it.

After an accident, talk to your doctor about physical therapy to find out if it’s right for you and your injuries. You will have a lot to deal with as you move on from your accident, but getting rid of pain should be your top priority.


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