Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Do you have fond memories of a teacher who supported, challenged, or inspired you in school? If you do, now is a great time to thank them for their positive impact—it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

The Impact of Teachers

Teachers, from elementary P.E. instructors to high school Spanish teachers, play a very important role in the United States. They teach our youngest citizens the basics of subjects like reading, math, science, and history. Later on, they introduce them to more complex topics, like chemistry, economics, or a new language.

It’s not all just about education basics, though: gym teachers can inspire a lifelong interest in sports, while teachers in the arts might introduce talented students to a love of culture and creativity.  As students get older, teachers can help them pinpoint their career interests and prepare for college or a career. Oftentimes, teachers also serve as a support system for struggling students. In some cases, they even provide encouragement that children are not receiving at home. And as recent tragedies show us, sometimes brave teachers will literally risk their lives to look out for their students. Being a teacher often goes far beyond simply teaching kids about reading and math!

Stress and Struggles

While teaching means an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of young people, the profession isn’t without stress and struggles. Considering that 50.7 million students were enrolled in schools in 2017, teachers often find themselves outnumbered in the classroom, with a student-teacher ratio of about 21 to 1 for elementary school and 26 to 1 for secondary school. Providing the necessary attention to each student can be a challenge, particularly in classrooms with unruly students or situations where students require extra attention. It means that teachers must often multitask, work long hours, or forego breaks just to get everything done. For many teachers, stress and a lack of free time is just part of the job.

This doesn’t mean, however, that teachers should go without support if they are injured or sick as a result of their job. Like with any other professions, teachers may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured as a result of their employment.

Injury Risks for Teachers

Aside from mental health issues that relate to the high stress of teaching, teachers might sustain injuries though:

  • Lifting or moving classroom furniture or heavy equipment
  • Repetitive motion injuries from motions like typing, writing, or reaching into a high closet for classroom supplies
  • Car accidents that occur while supervising students in a carpool line or as they get on or off the bus
  • Slips and falls from hazards like spilled liquid on the floor or improper maintenance of the campus
  • Noise exposure
  • Chemical exposure
  • Violence, like an attack from a student or trying to break up a fight between students

Teaching might not seem like a dangerous or risky profession, but as this wide array of injury types shows, teachers face more workplace hazards than you might think. It’s just another reason why you should thank the teachers in your life this week for Teacher Appreciation Week—they might struggle with more than you think, but they continue to push through and provide education every day!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week – Thank You Teachers


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