Sunlake High School seniors collide with School district van

A Florida traffic accident marred Sunlake High School’s year-end festivities. Three seniors were injured when their car collided with a school district maintenance van. The students had been returning to school from lunch when the driver attempted to make a left turn from State Road 54. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) accident report indicates that the student attempted the left turn despite a red left-turn arrow.

Car accidents occur throughout Florida, but this accident occurred only one day before the senior prom and 15 days before graduation. The driver and one of the student passengers were admitted to St. Joseph’s hospital, and the third passenger was admitted to Tampa General Hospital. The school district maintenance van was overturned in the accident, and its driver suffered minor injuries.

Both bodily injuries and the emotional toll of car accidents can cause pain and suffering to the involved parties. While the physical injuries of the students were substantial enough to require hospital stays, both emotional distress and the possibility of future chronic pain could affect the van driver as well as the three students. Furthermore, the van’s driver may be confronted by medical bills as well as time lost from work, which can combine quickly to cause financial hardship.

Although some may seem like routine annoyances, automobile accidents can be serious, resulting in long-term consequences. In fact, the severity of one’s injuries, often defined in terms of medical treatment, medical bills and complete recovery time, is one of the determining factors in calculating compensation. A lawyer with experience in automobile accidents or personal injury claims could help victims build a case for seeking proper compensation after an accident.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Three Sunlake High School students injured in crash near campus“, Lisa Buie, May 17, 2013

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