Summer Safety Tips

The Summer Solstice took place this past Monday, June 20, marking the official start of summertime. The children are out of school, the Bay and Gulf have warmed to bathwater-like temperatures, and the tourists have begun their annual flock to the best beaches in the nation. However, with the increase in outdoor activity and road traffic, it’s important to keep safety as a top priority. Below are some summer safety tips for you and your family.

Whether you’re jogging, bicycling, kayaking, boating, fishing, camping, or simply driving, safety should always be made a top priority in the summertime. Here at Perenich Caulfield Avril & Noyes, we always remind our clients to go through their safety check list before engaging in any of their summer activities.

Pedestrians and bicyclists should be sure to wear reflective clothing and to have lights on their bicycles at all times. Of course, helmets, padding, and protective gear should be worn at all times. This helps alert drivers to your presence on the crowded summer roads, and helps to avoid bicycle accidents like the unfortunate hit and run bicycle accident that seriously injured a Tampa resident just this week.

Kayakers, fisherman, and boaters should always ensure they have enough life vests for everyone on board; that their vessel is equipped with a working radio and fire extinguisher; and that weather and water conditions are safe for their planned trip. Divers should have their dive flags up and in visible locations on their vessel. Of course, a first aid kit should always be kept nearby, as medical treatment is not as readily available on the open seas. These small safety steps can help you prepare for and avoid a boating or jet ski accident, or a similar accident.

Finally, campers and hikers should always be equipped with a compass, a map, a first aid kit, a water filter, bug spray, and a whistle. These tools are essential for safe navigating through Florida’s beautiful forests and will help preserve you if you get turned around or lost in the woods.

Here at Perenich Caulfield Avril & Noyes we have been representing accident victims and the injured since 1955. While we are always happy to be your safety net and to see you through, accident prevention is always the preferred method. Be sure to follow the safety tips above this summer to make sure your summer break is as enjoyable as possible.

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