Slow Down: The Dangers of Speeding

Have you ever found yourself running late for work or an important appointment? It happens to the best of us! When crunched for time, even the safest drivers might find themselves tempted to increase their speed. But is being punctual worth the risk of speeding?

The Dangers of Speeding

While speeding might not seem as dangerous as drunk or distracted driving, it is a main contributor in fatal car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was the cause of 26% of all fatal crashes in 2017. When a driver is going over the speed limit, they may be unable to stop in time for an obstacle, like a pedestrian. They could also find themselves unable to come to a safe stop at a red light. Unlike a driver traveling at a safe speed, someone who is going over the speed limit is likely to be less aware of their surrounding. This makes them more likely to be unable to avoid a dangerous collision.

Speeding isn’t just dangerous for everyone on the roads—it’s also illegal. In Florida, where the typical speed limit is 30 miles per hour in business and residential areas and 55 miles per hour in other areas, drivers are expected to  drive in a reasonable, prudent way. This includes following the speed limit. Drivers are also expected to reduce their speed in certain areas, like school zones.

Punishments for Speeding

Drivers who do not obey speed limits can face hefty fines. Fines may increase if drivers have been caught speeding before or if they are speeding in a particularly dangerous area. The amount of the fine also depends on how much a driver was speeding. A driver who is going 5 miles over the speed limit will not be as heavily punished as a driver who is going 30 miles over the speed limit, for example.

How To Avoid Speeding

To keep themselves safe and to avoid getting pulled over for speeding, there are a few easy steps drivers can take on the roads. Along with simply paying attention to and obeying the speed limit, drivers can also:

  • Plan ahead, especially for important meetings or appointments, to avoid running late and the temptation to speed
  • Regularly glance at the speedometer
  • Know the local roads and any areas where there is a reduced speed limit
  • Avoid distractions, like phones

Some vehicle manufacturers are also taking steps to make their cars safer for everyone. Volvo, for example, recently announced a plan to impose a speed limit of 112 miles per hour in all their vehicles, beginning in 2020. The company hopes that this will prevent drivers from reaching dangerous, excessive speeds.

While no one likes being late, it is always important to take your time on the roads. Being five minutes late to an appointment can be annoying, but it is far better than getting a speeding ticket or causing a serious accident—so pay attention, slow down, and enjoy the drive!


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