Snakes In Car: A Very Florida Problem

Here’s a “Very Florida” problem: what do you do if you open the hood of your car and find a snake coiled up inside?!

A man in Bradenton recently confronted this very issue. When his car wouldn’t start last weekend, he decided to open up the hood and take a look. Instead of engine troubles, though, he found a 3-foot ball python curled up on top of his engine. His security camera captured his reaction, and we can’t exactly blame him for quickly jumping back and running away.

The man and his wife ended up calling a non-profit wildlife rescue group, who came and safely removed the snake.

When it comes to snakes in cars, the internet has some . . . unique suggestions for dealing with it. One internet-user suggested releasing a snake-eating animal, like a badger, into the vehicle to get rid of the snake. Another suggested spraying the snake with a fire extinguisher to stun in. Another person simply suggested that anyone who finds a snake in their car should just sell the car! Overall, the general consensus was to turn off the car and let the snake stay for a bit. Since snakes are cold-blooded, they seek warm areas. Without the warm engine or nice daytime temperatures, it’s likely that the snake will get cold and leave.

If the snake seems too big or dangerous to deal with, calling animal control or a local wildlife group is a good bet. They will know how to safely remove the snake, and can release it somewhere it will not bother you again. While it may be startling, a snake in a car engine isn’t exactly an emergency, so it’s better to call a non-emergency line, rather than 911, if you need help. Of course, if the snake bites anyone, you should seek immediate treatment, especially if you cannot identify the type of snake.

Hopefully, this isn’t something you ever have to deal with! Snakes are an amazing part of nature, but no one wants a snake sliding into their car while they are driving on the highway — talk about distracted driving!

What would you do if you found a snake in your car?


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