Recall Roundup: September 2019

Fall is here, even in Tampa Bay! It’s the perfect time to do the cleaning and housework that you put off during the sweltering summer months. One easy task you can do is checking your house for any dangerous or defective products.  If you’re not sure where to start, check out our latest Recall Roundup blog to find out about some recent product recalls.

In The Kitchen

When making sure all the products in your house are safe, the kitchen is a great place to start. If you’re planning a vacation or outdoors adventure to enjoy the cooler temperatures, you don’t want a bout of food poisoning or an encounter with an allergen to wreck your plans.

If you find a recall food product in your fridge or pantry, you should not open or consume the product. In many cases, you may be able to return the product to the store where you purchased it. You can find out the next steps by checking the recall notice from the retailer or manufacturer, or can find more information through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In The Garage

Vehicles are also a common victim of recalls, which is why your garbage is another great place to look for dangerous products, especially if you’ve recently purchased a new ride. In September 2019, recalled brands included:

While we know that not everyone has a new RV or Rolls-Royce sitting in their driveway, all drivers should be aware of current vehicle recalls. For example, if a car has an issue with its brakes, that could cause issues for other drivers around them if their brakes failed to work at a busy intersection, and could lead to an accident.

In The Closet

The last stop in your journey is the closet. Clothes have been the subject of numerous recalls in recent months, often for a scary reason: fire hazards! Certain fabrics, including cotton and silk, are highly flammable, and can cause burn injuries if the fabric comes into contact with an open flame. To prevent this, all clothing must meet certain flammability standards, which work to prevent burn injuries. If clothes fail to meet this standard, they should be immediately recalled. In September 2019, clothing products recalled over flammability concerns were children’s loungewear from Ragdolls & Rockets, and Turkish robes from RH.

How to Handle a Recall

Confronting a recall, especially when it deals with something particularly dangerous, like an undeclared allergen or a flammable product, can be stressful. Luckily there are many resources to utilize, including information from the FDA and Consumer Affairs, retailer recall notices, and our past blog on dealing with a product recall.


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