RecallRoundUp: September 2017

With the United States and the Caribbean plagued with near-constant hurricanes, product recalls were not at the forefront of people’s minds throughout September 2017. But amid the struggles of power outages and flood damage, don’t forget about the dangerous products that could be lurking around your home. And if you don’t have time to research the recalls yourself, don’t panic . . . with our September 2017 edition of Recall Roundup, we’re here to see you through.

A Literal Death Wish

By far the most prominent recall — and perhaps the most ironic — concerns Death Wish Coffee Company. Marketed as “the world’s strongest coffee,” their brews contain an average of 728 milligrams of caffeine per serving size. But while this is way above the safe daily intake of around 400 milligrams, the caffeine isn’t the issue. Instead, they are recalling their 11 ounce cans of Death Wish Nitro Cold Brew over botulism concerns. A potentially fatal type of food poisoning, botulism occurs when the toxin botulin is able to grow due to a product’s reduced oxygen packaging. Botulism can cause muscle weakness, dizziness, vision impairments, and breathing problems. There have been no reports of botulism occurring as a result of drinking Death Wish Coffee, but after a recent and fatal outbreak of botulism in California, it’s good to see that the company isn’t taking any chances.

Fall Hazards . . .

Target is recalling its Room Essentials four drawer dressers. The dresser is unstable if not anchored to the wall, and poses a tip-over or entrapment hazard. This is particularly dangerous for people with young children. While there have been 12 reports of the dressers tipping over, there have been no reported injuries or fatalities.

Ameriwood Homes is also recalling its chests of drawers for the same reason. The chests, sold at Walmart, also pose a tipping or entrapment hazard. One injury has been reported, involving a four-year-old girl.

. . . and “Fall” Hazards!

It’s not exactly sweater weather in Florida! But if you’re traveling up north and want to bundle up, avoid buying L.L. Bean’s fleece pullover sweater for your toddler! The snaps can detach, causing a choking hazard. The sweaters were sold in stores, in the L.L. Bean catalog, and online.

Since fall isn’t quite here, there is still plenty of time to do yard work and enjoy the warm outdoors. Before hopping on your John Deere tractor, though, check the model. Deere and Company is recalling more than 250,000 of its tractors due to a transmission issue. The transmission can fail during use, posing a crash hazard. The recall involves the John Deere model D1-5 lawn mowers, along with transmissions sold separately at authorized retailers.


For a complete list of all September 2017 recalls, visit the website of the Food and Drug Administration, or check out Consumer Affairs. If you own a recalled product, visit the product or company’s website for further instruction, and read our past blog on dealing with a product recall.


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