Porch Pirates On The Prowl!

There is a special kind of happiness that comes with a package arriving at your door. Whether it’s a mystery present or something you ordered for yourself, it’s always exciting. But can you imagine having that excitement suddenly dashed?

In Lakeland, one woman returned home from an out-of-town funeral and an expected package was gone! When she checked her home’s security cameras, she saw that a woman walked right up to her house and took the package, which contained $500 worth of items. Across the country, many of these “porch pirates” steal in plain sight. The holiday season, which is practically synonymous with packages and presents, is a perfect time for these bandits to strike.

Avoiding Theft

If you are home when a package arrives, bring it inside as quickly as possible. If you are not home, but expect delivery, let a neighbor or nearby friend know. Ask them to retrieve the package and hold onto it for you.

Technology can also help combat porch pirates. Some people turn to video doorbells or other similar devices, which send alerts to your phone when a package arrives. Another new type of technology includes an alarm that sounds if someone removes a package from a specific location. The alarm is then turned off through a phone app once the rightful owner picks up the package. Others, like the woman in Lakeland, rely on security cameras. Though they may not stop a thief, cameras allow homeowners to identify the culprit.

In larger cities, companies like Amazon have systems that deliver packages to nearby locations. Once the package arrives, the owner gets a notification, and picks up the package from a 24-hour storage locker.

When it comes to deterring porch pirates and local thieves, you have many options. This holiday season, be extra vigilant when you’re expecting a package. You don’t want to have a long-awaited present suddenly vanish!


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