Truck Dumps LIVE EELS On Road?!

When a truck spilled pig carcasses all over the road last year in Sarasota, we thought that sounded like the absolute worst thing that could be dumped over the road. But it turns out Oregon has us beat. Yesterday, an overturned truck spilled 7,500 pounds of live slime eels all over the interstate!

This slimy incident occurred when the truck driver, who was transporting 13 containers to the eels for delivery to Korea, lost control off his truck on a turn. The bed of the truck separated from the frame, sending the containers spilling onto the highway. One vehicle was hit by a flying container, and the incident caused four other cars to ram into each other. However, all humans involved only sustained minor injuries.


The accident scene, though, still looks pretty disgusting. Slime eels, formally known as hagfish, secrete a mucus-like slime when stressed. And as you can imagine, getting dumped onto the road is pretty stressful! The images show the road covered with a thick, white-ish goo, complete with live eels sliding around. Firefighters had to hose down the roads, and use construction equipment to push the wiggling eels off the highway. It’s unlikely that many of the eels survived this traumatic, disgusting event.

While we’ve seen our fair share of weird truck accidents in Florida (the dead pigs, live sharks, the beer truck that collided with a chip truck . . .) this is probably one of the wildest, most disgusting things in a while. Hopefully, everyone recovers from their minor injuries, and the roads get thoroughly cleaned up, but we bet this is an event that no one will ever forget. And as one witness pointed out, it’s unlikely that anyone involved will be eating eels again anytime soon!


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