Florida woman dies after crash with motorcycle

A Florida woman who died after being hit by a motorcycle has been identified by authorities, and the 23-year-old man who was reportedly riding the bike at the time of the incident has been charged with vehicular homicide, driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident with death.

According to reports, the motorcycle accident happened sometime in the late night and early morning hours of March 26 and 27. Police were apparently alerted by a 911 caller that there was a body in the road right before midnight on March 26. Responders took the 52-year-old woman to Orlando Regional Medical Center, but she was pronounced dead at 3:30 a.m. Police apparently found the 23-year-old motorcycle driver sometime later close to the site of the crash, and he is currently in Orange County Jail.

According to police, the 23-year-old and two other so-far unidentified riders were all on their motorcycles heading down the street. The 23-year-old claims that one of the other riders hit the woman and his motorcycle and fled the scene. The man told police that he lost control of the bike but was able to stop on the side of the road. One of the other riders, however, has told police that it was the 23-year-old who hit the woman. Officers reported that the 23-year-old’s motorcycle showed signs of damage and that there was blood on his clothes. A video recording of the three riders is also reported to exist.

Although the man is currently facing several criminal charges, the victim’s surviving family members may also be able to file a wrongful death suit against the 23-year-old. The video recordings may be of special interest in a case like that, as that kind of evidence can go a long way toward establishing neglect of the rider’s responsibility to operate the motorcycle safely.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Police: Woman identified in fatal pedestrian-motorcycle crash” Tiffany Walden, Mar. 28, 2014

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