Semi-Truck Spills Logs on I-75

From dead pigs (yes, really!) to beer cans, we see plenty of strange things spilled across our interstates. Semi-truck travel major interstates every day. They carry everything from logs to beer to fertilizer, and when they overturn or crash, the results are something amusing. But in reality, accidents that spill objects on the road are messy, distracting, and dangerous.

Just this morning, drivers on Interstate 75 in Pasco County had to deal with slowed traffic after a semi-truck overturned. The semi was carrying logs, and the accident caused them to spill across the highway. Clearly, this is a scary situation. One of those logs could have gone through the windshield of another vehicle, or fallen into the path of a vehicle, causing them to swerve and cause an even worse accident.

If injuries occur after being hit by an object in the road, who is legally responsible?

Usually, the driver of the truck is responsible for any objects that fall and cause injuries. They have a duty to protect the objects they are transporting — and to protect others from those objects. Therefore, they need to keep them properly secured. If they do not fasten their goods, or neglect to fix any issues, they will likely be found responsible for any injuries or property damage.

If your vehicle is hit by an object from another vehicle, the other driver might not necessarily realize it. In this case, your uninsured motorist coverage becomes incredibly important. It functions as it would in a hit-and-run accident, and allows you to find compensation for injuries and damage without finding the other driver.

To prevent these kinds of accidents, always be aware of other drivers! If you feel uncomfortable behind a semi-truck or other vehicle with a large load, try to get around them when it’s safely possible. it is also a good idea to follow at a safe distance.


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