NHTSA Plans To Cut Down On Traffic Deaths

road to zeroToday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced its “Road to Zero” coalition. The goal of the coalition is to end traffic fatalities on United States roads within the next 30 years. This may seem like a challenge, but the NHTSA is partnering with the National Safety Council. They plan to allocate $1 million for the next three years to help make the roads safer.

The Road to Zero coalition plans to focus on what they call the “4 Es”— education, engineering, enforcement, and emergency medical services. This includes installing rumble strips on highways, improving seatbelt use, and exploring traffic data to establish further solutions.

A worthy goal

Around 5 million traffic accidents occur annually in the United States. In 2014, 32,716 of these accidents resulted in fatalities, while many more lead to serious and permanent injuries. The statistics are alarming, but it is not impossible to prevent traffic deaths. New technologies over the next 30 years will likely bring safer cars, with improved features like braking and blind-spot indicators. Plus, with proper safety education, drivers can improve themselves, too. By being educated on topics like the dangers of distracted driving and proper road procedures, all drivers can contribute to cutting down on traffic accidents.

As an NHTSA administrator stated, “every single death on our roadways is a tragedy. We can prevent them. Our goal toward zero deaths is more than just a worthy goal. It is the only acceptable one.”

Traffic safety is a worthy and admirable goal. We should all do what we can to ensure that the Road to Zero Coalition reaches their goal.


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road to zero


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