New Jersey Train Accident

Hundreds of trains leave the stations every day, and most days pass by without incident. In bustling cities like New York and London, trains are vital assets that allow people to commute from outside the city, and make transportation faster and more convenient. However, train accidents are more common than you may think. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, more than 3,000 train accidents happen annually in the United States. These numbers might include cars that were hit at railroad crossings, injuries sustained during a train derailment, or people who were killed or injured while on or near railroads tracks. Some accidents, like the one that occurred on September 29th in New Jersey, are extremely catastrophic, and result in large amounts of injuries and structural damages.

Accidents can happen

The accident, which happened in Hoboken, New Jersey, occurred when a train went through a bumper stop at the end of the track, colliding with the structure of the busy station. Hoboken is the New Jersey Transit’s fifth busiest station, and sees 15,000 passengers per weekday, with many people likely commuting to New York City. The crash occurred around nine in the morning, a busy time as people headed to work. Unfortunately, the high number of people at the station likely means a higher amount of injuries. According to early reports, at least 100 people were injured, some critically, and one person was killed. The incident is being considered an accident.

Large train accidents are still relatively uncommon. Many times, they occur because of operator error or mechanical failure. In some rare but horrifying cases, are the result of malicious intent. While malfunctions and errors can’t always be prevented, there are steps you can take every day to ensure that you next ride will be a safer one.

Train Accident Prevention

To cut down on all types of train-related injuries, Operation Lifesaver offers these tips:

  • Be alert. Trains can come from any direction. Despite what you may think about trains being incredibly loud, they can actually be very quiet. Avoid using headphones or a cell phone around train tracks or stations, as it could distract you from an approaching train.
  • Stay away from the platform edge. You should pay attention to any markings on the platform edge, and never go past any warning lines. Stay at least three feet away from a train as it is coming in or out of a station.
  • When on board, hold on to a pole or seat.
  • Be careful when getting on or off the train. There might be a gap between the train and the platform.

Whether you’re a passenger or bystander, it’s always important to follow property safety rules. Remember, trains can weight up to 15,000 tons! You do not want to get in the way of that!


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