Do Your Part During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle accidents happen too often in Florida. It could be the nice weather or the high gas prices, but nearly every day you read about a motorcyclist being injured or killed in a Florida motorcycle crash.

This month is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which is a national initiative, aimed at emphasizing the importance of “sharing the road” the motorcyclists- and doing it safely.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides useful information for how people can safely share the road and how motorcyclists can make their rides safer.

Motorcycles are vehicles with the same rights and privileges of all other motor vehicles on the road. However, as most people are well aware, accidents arise from motorcycles not being visible to other drivers. In approximately 40% of accidents involving motorcycles colliding with another vehicle, the other vehicles were turning left while the motorcycles were going straight. This data makes it clear that motorcyclists should make extra efforts to be visible to other drivers. Such efforts may include wearing brightly colored protective gear, placing reflective tape and stickers to the motorcycle, and using turn signals as well as hand signals.

What can other drivers do to safely share the road with motorcycles? Some steps that should be taken by drivers of motor vehicles other than motorcycles include searching for motorcycles on the road, expecting them at any time, and checking mirrors and blind spots before merging or changing lanes. If everyone takes these simple steps, lives could be saved.

Together, drivers of vehicles and motorcycle riders can reduce the number of motorcycle crashes in Florida.


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