Florida bus driver who crashed in airport denies charges

The bus driver charged with three deaths at Miami International Airport is insisting that he is innocent. In December 2012, he was driving a charter bus that was supposed to transport 31 individuals to a gathering of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Instead, the driver ended up at the airport, where he crashed the 12-foot-high bus into a 10-foot entrance, killing three passengers.

He is facing three counts of felony vehicular homicide and another charge of reckless driving. He was only recently freed on bond on Nov. 28. Records indicated that the driver was properly licensed to carry passengers and had no outstanding complaints with state regulators. But evidence suggests he was speeding 18 miles over the limit and ignored a total of eight warning signs about the low clearance.

After the accident, the driver waived his Miranda rights and admitted he became lost. He did see the clearance signs, he said, and another sign directing buses to the left lane, but inexplicably failed to heed them. He was also unaware that the bus was 12-feet-tall.

An Bus driver in Miami International Airport crash claims innocence”, November 30, 2013


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