Drinking + Distraction = Deadly

There are plenty of fun events to “livestream,” or share over the internet in real time: sporting events, high school graduations, surprise parties, class lectures . . .

But livestreaming while driving? That is a recipe for chaos and tragedy, and two recent accidents show us why.

Two Recent Accidents

The first incident occurred last week on Clearwater Beach. A driver, a resident of Pinellas Park, filmed himself driving recklessly along the beach, leaving knocked-over chairs in his wake. He led police on a nine minute chase across the beach. He was eventually caught when his vehicle broke down near Caladesi Island. While this kind of situations seems ripe for a “Stupid Criminals” style compilation, it’s no laughing matter at all. During the summer, Clearwater Beach is a popular area, so it’s incredible that no one got hurt.

The second accident, unfortunately, has more tragic results. The accident occurred in Stockton, California, where an 18-year-old woman was driving with her 14-year-old sister and her sister’s friend. A now-deleted video on the driver’s Instagram livestream reportedly shows her singing and waving her hands around as she drives. Then, the screen goes blurry. There is screaming in the background. When the video picks up again, the driver stands over her sister. Her sister was ejected from the car and killed in the crash. The young driver, who only suffered minor injuries, has been arrested.

Distracting + Drinking = Deadly

In both these accidents, alcohol was reportedly a factor. While alcohol is clearly dangerous on its own, these accidents also show the dangers of combining alcohol and distraction. When a driver is intoxicated, they might make reckless choices. Then, the distractions only increase their chances of an accident. Alcohol and distraction should not mix. Furthermore, neither should ever be a factor behind the wheel.

Learn from these accidents. Never drink before driving, or do not get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Put your phone away while driving, and stick to livestreaming when you aren’t behind the wheel. The video will have a much better ending that way.


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