July 2020 Recall Roundup

Where has summer gone?! If it seems like this summer has gone faster than usual, you’re not alone! While there may still be many questions about the coming weeks, especially about if kids will be heading back to school, there’s one thing you can be sure of: you don’t have a recalled product to endanger you and your family! With this July 2020 Recall Roundup list, avoid dangerous and defective products!

Whether your kids are planning to head back to school or take their classes online, they are going to needs snacks and healthy lunches. If you’re working on a shopping list or looking up new recipes, here are some food products that saw recalls in July 2020:

Most of these products were recalled over undeclared allergens. This is when an ingredient is in a product but not listed on the label. Generally, this occurs when the product is manufactured in a factory with other products, leading to cross-contamination. It also occurs when an ingredient is mistakenly or negligently left off the list. Undeclared allergens are particularly dangerous because a person with allergies may look at the ingredients and believe that it is safe for them to consume. For some people, consuming an undeclared allergen might lead to mild discomfort. For others, it could cause a serious reaction, including anaphylaxis. If you have a child or family member with food allergies, it’s especially important to be aware of recent recalls.

If you’re more hands-on with your cooking and like to make your own food, avoid the Silvercrest bread maker from Lidl US. The bread maker’s lid can become energized, posing the threat of an electric shock.

If you’re looking for make an end-of-summer road trip or are looking ahead to your next post-pandemic trip, be wary of these brands, as they saw recalls in July 2020:

We know that COVID-19 is causing uncertainty for many people. We hope that this blog about July 2020 recalls is able to calm the chaos a little bit, at least when it comes to your shopping list! For more information about tackling a product recall, check out this blog.


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