Recall Roundup: July 2019

For millions of Americans, heat waves were a major issue in July 2019. With temperatures rising over 100 degrees in many areas, it’s no shock that many people spent this month worrying about staying cool. But as you prepare for the rest of the hot summer, don’t forget to stay aware of recent recalls! If you’re too busy drinking water or cranking up the AC to think about dangerous products, it’s okay. We’ve got you covered with our July 2019 edition of Recall Roundup!

Dangerous Implants

One of the most-talked about recalls this month concerns breast implants made by Allergan, an Irish pharmaceutical company. The implants may cause a rare type of cancer called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL. There have been 573 incidents of this cancer around the world, and 33 patient deaths associated with Allergan’s implants. While the implants account for only around 5% of all implants sold in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration still called for a recall. Allergan has issued a voluntary recall.

A Gross Contaminant

While cancer is scary, another recall might be the winner for this month’s weirdest recall. 712 pounds of raw meat, mainly beef and pork chops, manufactured at US Food Plant in Alabama, was recalled by the FDA over a very gross contaminant: human blood! This likely occurred because an employee injured themselves at some point during the production process. This isn’t just disgusting, but also potentially dangerous, as there are a host of disease that can spread through contact with human blood, including HIV and hepatitis. The contaminated meat was sold to restaurants in Florida and other states. There are been no reported incidents due to this contamination. Still, restaurants with the recalled meat should dispose of it immediately.

Look out for your Furry Friends!

Another important recall during July 2019 involves our furry friends. Pet Supplies Plus issued a recall for its pig ear treats, which may be linked to salmonella. Salmonella is an infection that can lead to food poisoning symptoms like stomach pain and diarrhea. It can spread from pets to humans, making this recall a concern for humans, too. The salmonella outbreak associated with these pig ear treats has led to 93 infections across 27 states, though no deaths have been reported.

These July 2019 recalls show that dangerous products can take many forms. It also illustrates that the reasons for the recall might be something more unusual than the usual suspects, like undeclared allergens or foreign objects. No matter what the reason, it’s always important to stay alert about recent recalls.


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