#RecallRoundup: July 2017

Did it seem like July went really fast? Hopefully, it’s because you were so distracted with summer fun, like outdoor activities, backyard cookouts, and hanging out at the beach! July was a fun month, but it wasn’t without its recalls, either — let’s take a look!

Welcome to the July 2017 Recall Roundup!

Speaking of cookouts, one of the biggest recalls of July 2017 concerned a cookout favorite: baked beans. Popular baked bean company Bush Brothers and Company recalled three flavors of their 28-oz cans of beans due to a manufacturing error. The problem isn’t the beans themselves, but rather a defective side seam on the cans. This can cause the cans to leak, or worse, allow for harmful bacteria to grow. With foodborne illnesses like botulism in the news recently, this isn’t a risk you want to take! Bacteria can be present even when the food doesn’t look or smell spoiled, so throw it away or return it, just to be safe. Your cookout guests will thank you!

Other food recalls this month include:

Even cows couldn’t catch a break with food recalls this month. A bag of cattle feed, sold by ADM Animal Nutrition, was recalled for elevated levels of monensin, which can cause cardiovascular issues and potential death in cattle.

Gather Around the Water Cooler . . .

. . . or maybe don’t, if your office has an AccuPure standing filtration dispenser from Nestle Waters of North America. The dispensers can overheat and smoke, leading to burn injuries. No injuries have been reported, but there have been incidents of the dispenser smoking or even catching on fire. The dispensers were not sold at retail, but were rented or sold via service contracts with Nestle Waters.

Back to School

Just in time for back to school, a company called Really Good Stuff is issuing a recall of its dry erase white boards. The magnetic metal surface can separate from the wooden board, which has caused about 40 minor cuts. If you bought this product for your kid’s classroom, it can be returned for a replacement.

This is just a sampling of some recalls in July 2017. For a full report, visit the website of the Food and Drug Administration or Consumer Affairs. For information on handling a recall, visit our previous blog.

See you in August for another edition of Recall Roundup!


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