Child implores mom not to drink and drive

One can only imagine what Janet Malizia’s 11 year-old son was thinking as his allegedly drunk mother careened down Interstate 75 in her BMW with him and another child in the back seat. When the Florida Highway Patrol finally managed to pull her over, the boy handed troopers a cup of wine from inside the car. Officials say Malizia admitted to buying five bottles of wine at a gas station and drinking three and a half of them before getting back behind the wheel. She is charged with two counts of drunk driving and one count of leaving the scene of an accident, all misdemeanors.

The FHP says the boy told them his mother hit an SUV pulling a trailer on the highway and then sped off. She pulled the badly damaged car into a gas station and told the two children to wait in the car while she went inside. When she didn’t come out after a long while, the boy went looking for her and confronted his mom, telling her she should not be drinking. Police arrived soon afterward. Malizia told troopers she knew it was wrong to drink and drive with the children in the car. The sibling’s father came and picked them up. Officials didn’t release information about the second child.

The FHP says they issued 52, 722 DUI tickets in 2011. Of those drivers, 33,625 were convicted. In 2010, the latest year for which data is available, 660 people were killed in drunk driving accidents, or one out of every four traffic fatalities.

Source: Naples Daily News, “Mom drank 3 ½ bottles of wine, crashed car on I-75,” Oct. 13, 2012

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