In Case of Emergency, Use ICE

To lock or not to lock?

When it comes to your phone, keeping it locked seems like the best option. Your phone is home to your pictures, contacts, apps, and more. Of course, you want to keep these things private. In the event that someone steals your phone, an unlocked screen gives them access to a wealth of personal information.

But sometimes, maybe you do want someone to be able to access your contacts.

For example, imagine a person is in a car accident. If they are unconscious, in a coma, or even killed as a result of the accident, emergency personnel will need to inform their families. Identification found in a person’s wallet may give their name and address, but the number in the person’s cell phone can give authorities a direct way to get in touch with their loved ones. In a horrific event such as this, a cell phone allows for faster, more effective communication.

ICE contacts offer the perfect solution. ICE stands for “in case of emergency.” To make someone an ICE contact, simply save their contact as “ICE – John Doe.” In the notes section underneath their contact information, you can type in how that person is related to you. If emergency personnel are able to open the phone, they will know to look under ICE to find your most important contacts. However, this method still relies on an unlocked phone for success.

iOS for iPhones offers an app, simply called ICE, which allows you to display vital information without unlocking your phone. The app costs $1.99 in the app store, and places your information on your homescreen. You can include information like:

  • Your name, plus a picture of yourself
  • Emergency contacts
  • Any allergies
  • Medications that you are taking
  • Blood type

The information then stays on your home screen at all times, right underneath your chosen lock screen photo. That way, it’s visible without anyone having to unlock your phone.

Hopefully, you’ve never in an accident that requires the use of emergency contacts! But as you know, accidents are sometimes unavoidable, and to keep yourself and your family safe, it’s best to be prepared.


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