High Beams Vs. Low Beams

high beamsHave you ever encountered another vehicle on a dark road and been nearly blinded by their bright lights? Or perhaps you’ve even temporarily blinded another driver by accidentally using your high beam lights! When it comes to nighttime driving, proper lighting is necessary, but you don’t want to hinder other drivers.

So what lights are you supposed to use at night?

While most driving occurs during the day, 49% of fatal accidents occur at night. Darkness decreases visibility, making it difficult to see another car if it suddenly stops, turns, or makes a reckless movement. Additionally, many drunk driving accidents occur at night. While alcohol plays a main role, the lack of visibility does not help, either.

When driving at night, many people rely just on their low beam headlights. However, sometimes low beam lights are not enough. With low beam lights, you may be able to see right in front of you, but will not be able to see upcoming hazards, like a stalled car in the road. If you are driving between over 50 miles per hour, your low beam lights do not allow you to see far enough to safely stop if a problem arises.

High beam lights, however, allow a driver to see much farther. If you are driving between 48 and 55 MPH, they help you see far enough to come to a safe stop. If you are driving alone on a dark road, high beams are also your best option. They greatly increase visibility, and ensure that you see upcoming issues, like an animal or tree in the road.

Remember, though, your high beams lights are really bright! This is why they’re best for driving alone on a dark road. The ideal solution is to use your high beams were possible, but switch back to low beams if another vehicles approaches. When driving at night, make safety your priority, but be courteous to other drivers!


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