General Motors issues recall days before truck of the year award

General Motors is recalling 370,000 of their trucks because of potential fire hazards. Florida owners of the new GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado models may be affected by the recall. The announcement comes as an inopportune time for GM because both trucks have been getting high praise after they were redesigned completely for model year 2014. In order to fix the problem, dealers must reprogram the engine control software to reduce the risk of engine fire and overheating. So far, GM has reported eight fires due to the problem, three of them on customer-owned vehicles. They occurred in cold weather areas, and no injuries were reported as of yet.

GM is asking owners and dealers to look out for an ongoing check engine light warning and a message stating that engine power is reduced on the vehicle’s information center. Although consumers may take recalls now as just another facet of ownership, this is a setback for GM, who has been hoping to get ahead of the competition against Ford. GM still has hope that the Silverado will win the North American Truck of the Year award by a panel of journalists. Ford, however, is also going for that title with their new version of the F-150.

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Source: CNBC, “Embarrassing setback as Chevy Silverado vies for Car of the Year“, Paul A. Eisenstein, January 12, 2014

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