Two Spooky Lawsuits

They’re full of legal jargon, but who says lawsuits have to be boring? Just in time for Halloween, here are two hair-raising lawsuits that are anything but typical!

A Ghost Goes to the New York Supreme Court

At her home in Nyack, New York, a woman began experiencing strange occurrences. She would find little trinkets scattered around the house, only to have them mysteriously disappear. Other family members reported waking up to their beds shaking or doors mysteriously creaking open. Sometimes, they even heard phantom footsteps!

But instead of running away, the woman embraced the spooky happenings around her home. She reported the “ghosts” to various local newspapers, and was even featured in a national publication. The house became a widely-known legend in Nyack.

The woman sold her house in 1990. However, she failed to mention the tidbit about her house maybe being haunted. When the new homeowner found out about the “ghosts,” he sued the homeowner. His issue wasn’t necessarily about the ghostly legends, but rather the value of the house. According to his lawsuit, the haunted house claims reduced the value of the house.

The case went to the New York Supreme Court, where it was determined that the house was legally haunted. Even if the ghost stories were unfounded rumors, people still believed the home was haunted, which decreased the property value.

So next time you’re buying a new house, be sure to ask about any ghosts before making that big decision!

Someone’s Watching

“I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for the second coming. I am pleased to know your names now, and the names of the young blood you have brought to me. Have they found out what’s in the walls yet?”

That’s just one sinister snippet from a letter that a family received after moving into their newly purchased home in New Jersey. The letter came from someone called “the Watcher,” who claims that members of their family have been “watching” the house since the 1920s.

Reasonably, the new owners were not okay with this.  They sued the former homeowners for failing to disclose the fact that the house came with an alleged stalker. However, a New Jersey judge threw out the case earlier this month. The judge found no evidence that the previous owners, who lived at the house for 23 years, knew about “the Watcher.” According to the former homeowners, they had only received one letter, which came shortly after they sold the house. They found the letter to be strange, but ultimately non-threatening, so they didn’t disclose it during the sale. Since the letter was a one-time occurrence, it did not have to be legally disclosed.

Reasonably the new family still isn’t moving into the house. So if you want a beautiful home that comes with its own stalker, you’re in luck — it’s on the market!

Happy Halloween!


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