Even Minor Car Accidents Can Cause Injuries

Most people will be in a car accident at some point in their lives. However, many people have a misconception that when property damage is minimal and a car accident victim isn’t feeling much pain immediately after the car accident, then they aren’t hurt.  What they don’t realize is that whiplash often occurs even in minor car accidents.

Recent research shows that injury can and does occur in low impact collisions. For instance, whiplash injuries often occur in low-impact rear-end car accidents. Because such injuries are not usually life threatening, many people don’t seek treatment.

Surprisingly, most injuries from minor car accidents are hidden and seldom detected for months, or even years. Soft tissue injuries (injuries to muscles, ligaments, and discs) caused by car accidents can be very deceiving.Soft tissue injuries heal with scar tissue and don’t always cause pain immediately, but the damage done to your spine can lead to recurring headaches, chronic muscle tension and spasm, neck pain, neck stiffness, low back pain, disc degeneration, inflamed arthritis, sore muscles, and poor posture.

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