Properly Train Your Dog to Help Avoid Dog Bites

Dogs are often called man’s best friend, and there’s many benefits to owning a dog.  Any dog that is not properly trained can cause serious bodily injury to another. The people put at most risk our young children, specifically boys, they receive a disproportionate amount of injuries from dog bites, of the more than 2 million people bitten a year.  This may be due to young boys roughhousing with dogs that are not theirs, or dogs that are not trained.  If you have children is important to teach them the warning signs, or how to treat a dog. Even a gentle dog can become agitated and bite out of defense.  Some dogs will bite others out of food aggression, and not teaching children about these things can put them into serious danger. A few things you should look for our dog showing its teeth or growling, raised for the dog’s back, a rigid body posture, a dog licking its lips or yawning repeatedly,  or if the dog is cowering or tucking its tail.  These are few among many other signs we should be educated about.

Some dogs are very strong and it only takes a few seconds for them to cause catastrophic damage to an adult or a child. This is why it may be most important for those who own Pit Bull, German shepherds, Rottweilers, etc to thoroughly train their dogs and habituate them. German shepherds can be great family dogs, but they will also protect family from perceived dangers, and it’s difficult for a dog to know who is and who is not a threat to family. There are many good resources online to help you train your dog as well as local trainers that can help.

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