Dog Attacks Woman Over Sweater

A dog wearing a sweater sounds like the start of an “aww” inducing video. But for one Tampa family, this very scenario turned incredibly violent, tragic, and painful.

An Unhappy Ending

On Friday, a woman approached her dog, Scarface, in her backyard with the intent of dressing him in a sweater. He reacted violently, attacking the woman. When her husband came to her aid, Scarface bit him, too. Finally, their son managed to stab the dog in the face and neck, allowing them to flee back into the house. Once Animal Control arrived, it took tranquilizers and a bean bag gun to subdue and capture Scarface.

All three family members were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Scarface was put down the next day. While his stab wounds were cited as a reason, it’s common to euthanize dangerous dogs.

According to Florida Statutes, a dog is dangerous, and therefore a candidate for euthanasia, if it aggressively bites, attacks, or endangers a human. Further, Florida law states that:

“if a dog is classified as a dangerous dog due to an incident that causes severe injury to a human being, based upon the nature and circumstances of the injury and the likelihood of a future threat to the public safety, health, and welfare, the dog may be destroyed in an expeditious and humane manner.”

In this incident, the dog belonged to the woman it attacked. However, when the dog does not belong to the victim, the victim may hold the owner responsible.

Another Attack

Recently, a lawsuit over a 2012 Tampa attack settled for nearly $1 million. In this case, the attack occurred on the property of a construction business. A young girl suffered facial lacerations, scarring, and nerve damage. Her family sued the construction company, plus two other businesses on the property. According to the lawsuit, the property owners were aware of the dangerous dog’s presence, but did not properly warn visitors.

Dogs are man’s best friend and can be gentle and loving companions. However, these two attacks highlight the need for caution and respect.


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