Actress Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Celebrities may seem like they have everything, but even they are not immune from legal drama! Actress Demi Moore is the latest to become entangled in a lawsuit. Her new woes follow a drowning death at her home in 2015.

Moore was not at home when the accident occurred. Instead, it happened while her personal assistant was throwing a party at Moore’s house in Los Angeles. One guest, who had reportedly informed others that he didn’t know how to swim, drowned after falling into the pool. The parents of the victim have now filed a lawsuit against the property owner, the personal assistant, and Moore herself.

It makes sense to sue the property owner. Since it’s their property, the company or landlord has a responsibility to make sure everything is safe. This includes keeping it properly maintained, and free of any defects. If there is a clear and dangerous problem, the landlord or property owner should tend to it.

The personal assistant is also an obvious defendant. They could be face charges of reckless endangerment or negligence. Alcohol also plays a role. Since the victim was over 21, he was able to make his own choices about alcohol. However, like bars can get in trouble for supplying alcohol to a drunk driver, they could also face some liability issues there. Plus, if they threw the party without Moore’s permission, they’re probably out of a job, too!

But what does Demi Moore have to do with it, if she wasn’t even there when the accident occurred?

Even though she wasn’t at home, she can still be considered negligent due to inadequate property setup or maintenance. For example, the lawsuit alleges that rocks placed around the pool were a tripping hazard. It also claims that the pool’s depth was not properly labeled, and was kept at a dangerously hot temperature. If these factors did contribute to the victim’s death, she may also be liable.

Demi Moore’s legal troubles are a reminder that premise liability issues can happen anywhere! Be careful out there, even if you’re a celebrity!


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