Sick at Work: Does Workers’ Comp Cover COVID-19?

As  places of employment open up again after months of shutdowns and limitations due to COVID-19, many are excited to get back to work. But many others may be worried about getting exposed to COVID-19 or other serious illnesses at their workplace. If someone gets sick at work, can they receive Workers’ Compensation?

COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation

For an illness to be covered by Workers Compensation, the illness must occur during the scope of employment. This qualification makes it very difficult to prove that  COVID-19 was caused through an interaction at work. This is especially true if an employee meets with people outside of their workplace. For example, if someone works at a store but also goes to church church or has a dinner with friends, it will be very hard to tell where they picked up the COVID-19 virus. It may be impossible to narrow down where the exposure really occurred.

Workplace Exposure

While it might be difficult for an employee to find Workers Compensation for COVID-19 , some serious illnesses can be easier to prove. This is particularly true for people who work in an environment that subjects them to dangerous materials. This could include everyone from nail salon technicians to auto mechanics, and dangerous chemicals can include everything from asbestoses to exhaust. Exposure at the workplace can lead to serious injuries, including cancer and lung diseases.

Finding Compensation for a Workplace Illness

However, it can still be difficult for someone to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for an illness caused by workplace exposure. If you think you are experiencing an illness due to your workplace , you may want to consider a Workers’ Compensation attorney. They will understand the nuances of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws, and can help see you through the steps of your case!

Stay safe out there!


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